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Dear Valued Customers It has recently been alleged that the packaging utilised in relation to a small number of products supplied by our company may have had the potential to confuse consumers into assuming that our products are provided by or associated with Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited, and its associated entities. We deny that there is any such potential for confusion but we are anxious to avoid even the suggestion that such confusion may occur. A list of the relevant products can be found HERE. As you are aware, our company is an aftermarket accessories solution company. We do not produce or sell any parts or accessories which are genuine products of, or are in any way endorsed by, the manufacturers of the motor vehicles to which the aftermarket parts relate. We refer to the names on our packaging solely as a means of identifying which products are suitable for the particular vehicles. As a result of these matters, we are taking immediate steps to change our marketing and packaging to ensure that there is no confusion amongst our customers or ultimate consumers. If you have any concerns regarding these matters, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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